Nobody likes a hot car.
Or a cold one, either.


Your car can become as hot as an oven due to the unbearable sun in the summer days, at this time, it is important for air conditioner to be working perfectly to avoid scenarios like sun burns and heat strokes. Effective maintenance of your cars air conditioner is very important for your air conditioner to be throwing out gusts of cold wind. Some of you may think that all of this can be avoided by a can of cold drink or maybe a cool pack..


But you cannot afford to leave anything as precious as your health and safety on risks. Get out of such scenarios by grabbing your car keys now and sprawl off to Mian Car AC where we will make sure that you get the results that you deserve. We will check all the air cycle of your car and make sure that all the procedure are in line and all the parts are giving top results. Our dedicated AC maintenance team will run checks on all parts and make the necessary arrangements to repairs if needed.  We are to ensure that you never take a beating from the heat again.




We guarantee you that the errors in your system will be repaired in the first instance and any fault in the system will be removed instantly if found after servicing. If the automotive repair or service was performed improperly, then we will re-perform the service at no additional charge to you given that the designated repairs are within the time period of warranty.




We believe that your time is of immense value. To show you a proof of the value that we give to time, if we by any circumstance get late in delivering your vehicle on time, we will offer a 10% discount on your next purchase (discount cannot exceed Rs.2500 and this discount can be availed at only Mian Car Ac outlet. 


This discount is valid for one year of the service and discount cannot be used to deal with outstanding debts.




Mian Car Ac provides insurance of most parts purchased up to nearly 12 months or subsequently 12000 miles of use whichever comes first, it is noted that some parts may have a different warranty duration which can be dependent of their category.


Some exceptions may be present.


Warranties apply to parts installed and service performed on private passenger vehicles. This warranty is valid at Mian Car Ac Center locations. Auto parts which prove to be unserviceable during the warranty period will be replaced free of any additional charge for parts or labor.