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Car Ac system

Car Ac system is a complex system consisting of sub products, compressor, accumulator and condenser. Mian Ac is providing high quality Ac system with improved high quality part which guarantees effective cooling for long periods of time. To revolutionize the sales, Mian Ac is also providing a money back guarantee in case the level of satisfaction is not obtained.


The Compressor of the system cools down the air by rapid expansion and contraction which cools down the air and then the compressor forward this chilled air to the evaporator which throws it from the fences. Mian Ac’s compressor are of very high quality and they do not allow the cooling gas to escape hence producing a higher cooling effect with very minute gas loss.


Condensers are one of the core part of an air conditioning system, Mian car Ac is offering one of the highest quality condensers which features efficient energy saving features.